Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Crazy Morning

This is not really a post but more of a lament!  

I have tried to visit a couple of blogs that I have been following a long while and they follow me in return.  This morning, I could not access them as I received a pop up warning advising that these blogs contain content from "Shabby", a site known to contain malware.  

Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing this today??  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree.  ~Thomas Campbell

I am laying low these past few days, I need to focus on improving energy level, while still weeding and cleaning and planting.  

Stone to be added to flower bed 

Also to be added to a flower bed
I did a very simple but colorful table for a 'virtual' Memorial Day lunch.

It has been a rainy and dreary week, and the sun came out later in the afternoon.  I am also having camera problems and I apologize for photos, some light, some dark.  

Everything on the table is from Christmas Tree Shop, except the oldie tablecloth I purchased unused on EBay.

The Coca Cola glasses were left in the cabinet when I moved into my previous house.  

I purchased a bunch of wildflowers at a farm stand in New Jersey.  I distributed them among the three bottles.  The sparkly thing on the end is something I need for a retirement dinner next week.  

I have never seen an iris this shade of purple.  I am not doing it justice.  I always associate iris with Memorial weekend  for some reason.

I also purchased my first sweet cherries of the season.  I adore fresh cherries, but I never eat maraschino or cherry pie, for that matter!

My virtual menu would include sliders, hot dogs with all the usual toppings, traditional cold salads like potato and macaroni, iced tea, fresh fruit and ice cream.  

I will take time to remember the real reason for this holiday.

While dusting my blinds I snapped the flag in the breeze

For my stateside friends, enjoy the three day weekend and be safe! 

I will be joining the following parties during the week


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom's Spiedini

A new food store opened up nearby about six months ago, and I finally made my way over there.  Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, but I will go back and take photos.  It is something to see.

I spotted these little beauties while perusing the extensive meat department.  And thanks to Diane at Simple Living blog, I learned that May is Mediterranean diet month.  A perfect excuse to break out the good evoo, squeeze some lemons, pour some wine....oops, I digress!

Now once my eyes say "yes",  my tummy rarely gives any opposition.  Veal is something I hardly ever buy or cook, yet we had lots of it when I was growing up.  It was always "veal parmigiana",  not chicken.  When the prices skyrocketed here, then we discovered chicken cutlets.

I have seen spiedini described as "skewers".  They are simply very thin slices of veal (or chicken) that are pounded until they are almost transparent.  Then you can  place a layer of seasoned breadcrumbs, or a thin slice of Italian ham (prosciutto) or even a fresh sage leaf, roll them up, secure with a toothpick and broil til done.  

For these six pieces, I used about a 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, a couple of tablespoons grated Pecorino cheese, dried oregano, black pepper, garlic powder (I am all out of fresh garlic, which would have been my first choice), all to taste, and one sun dried tomato cut in small pieces.  I always buy sun dried tomatoes plain, I like to add my own oil and seasonings fresh each time.   I added about a teaspoon or so of olive oil to moisten.

I really needed to secure with toothpicks

I lightly sprayed the foil with Pam and drizzled a little olive oil over the spiedini.

These cook very quickly so watch them carefully.

I like them with a squeeze of fresh lemon.  

Mmmm.  Time to say "ciao", while I finish my Sunday din din.  I'll see you during the week!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monthly Note Card Party

May 16th is the third Wednesday of the month, and that means it is time to join Vee for her Note Card Party.  For this month, I chose four photos of favorite fruits that remind me of summer.

Sweet and juicy

Antioxidant goodness

A fragile fruit so eat them fast


We know tomatoes are considered a fruit!  

Please stop by and see all the wonderful photos shared by blogging friends.  To read the post where these photos were first featured, click here.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Flying Peacock?

A friend sent me an email that was floating around on the 'net recently, and I was a little amazed at the photos. 

I think I saw a peacock just once, and its feathers were down.  The only time I saw one with its feathers opened up fully displayed was in a magazine.

Yet here were some cool photos!

Isn't Mother Nature artistic? 

I will be joining Sally for Blue Monday.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!


A mother's work is never done!


Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face.               -George Eliot


The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the Heavenly Father.   - Samuel Taylor Coolidge

Pomegranate martini, Lily's bday lunch @ Peking Pavilion, NJ

A toast to all mothers, wherever they may be!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vintage Noritake for Mother's Day Dinner

My tablescape today is a tribute to my mom, and more of a dreamscape for me as she is in Heaven. 

This is vintage "Carmela".  Her nickname was "Millie" to some folks, but to her hubby and brothers and sisters she was "Honey".  Just plain old "Ma" to me.  

And this is vintage "Carmela" by Noritake.  

It made its debut in 1947, the year my parents were married.  No, my mother did not have this china, and I doubt she knew about it. We did have about 9 dinner sets when I was growing up; I kept just one and that was her Christmas Spode.  (kicking myself hard over this :(  fact)   I found this pattern by accident and started collecting it.  I have just two place settings, but I have most of the serving pieces I would like.  All were purchased by bidding on EBay.  

Sorry for poor photo,  I have bad lighting and it is a rainy day

I love the translucency, and my mother liked that in china, too.

Covered veggie dish,which was listed for .99 cents and guess what I paid? ........ yep,  .99 cents.  

Inside of the dish.

The reason it was only .99 cents.

Sugar and creamer with a symbolic faux cake - my mom loved her coffee and cake!   The handmade tatted doily was made by "Millie", mom to Ahrisha of the "Joyously Living Life" blog.

Tablecloth was my mom's, here are some closeups.  This is at least 25 years old, I think.

I used Mom's wedding silver plate - 1847 Rogers, pattern is First Love.

I could not get good photos, and, unfortunately,  it looks tarnished, and believe me, I polished it.

The stemware is my Waterford, pattern is Lismore.   I received this after 25 years of service with my employer, Citicorp.

Napkin fold I was attempting is "Fleur de Lys".  My mother loved this emblem, her bedroom wallpaper had this design on it, and I completely forgot all about it until I started following blogs.  My mother would have loved blogging.

For the centerpiece, I used this decanter which was a wedding gift to my maternal grandparents in September 1904.  My mother loved the dogwood tree, and would have loved one to be planted in our yard.  It didn't happen, but I found a faux branch at a nursery.  

Another September bride.

Dee of A Lapin Life, made this lovely board for me.  Each month I put old (and new) photos to represent events in that month.  April and May it has been about Mom, next month, Daddy-o.  Notice the fleur de lys.

Mom made a good roast beef and mashed potatoes-this would have been filled!
I apologize, but recipes didn't make the it for this post, but they will be coming up.  

Really vintage, those dar n wrinkles!!  defied my iron
I did want to share a song.  It was my mom's favorite, and I spent many a Saturday afternoon listening to it on the "hi-fi" while sitting under the dining room table, polishing the big fat legs and muttering to myself.  

Linking to the following parties.  Please stop by and say hi!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little Fiesta

Saturday is Cinco de Mayo, and while it is not my holiday nor am I of Mexican descent, I do enjoy a fiesta!  For me, a fiesta is all about the bright, happy colors all working together, as much as it is about tasty food and bright colored drinks.

The real leaves are from a bitter orange tree that was in my dentist's office.   She cut some branches for me and said I could try to root them in water.

Bright yellow Gerber daisies from Trader Joe's.  My little statue is actually a Native American doll, but she fills in nicely here.  The cute donkey cart  I purchased here.

The dishes and wine glasses are from the Dollar Tree.  Place mats, napkins, and napkin rings are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Other glasses are from Christmas Tree Shop.  Flatware is from Ross.

I plan on eating at a wonderful Mexican restaurant on Saturday, but if I was inclined to cook, I would be serving guacamole and tortilla chips, steak fajitas, shrimp tacos, rice and to wash it all down, margaritas, and fresh fruit sangria.  Dessert would be flan or coconut ice cream.

I love Gerber daisies.  Here is one that I am going to plant outside.  Yard work is getting the best of me, and I have not been in a good mood because of it.  :/  (Achy knees, achy back = grumpy gardener!)

I am "tardy for the party" but I am joining Kathleen for Let's Dish and The Tablescaper for Seasonal  Sundays.  


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