Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't call me lucky!

Have I told you how freaking difficult it is to blog with the iPad?  I apologize for being a broken record.   But I actually took a photo today with the ipad and loaded it.  I can't fix it or center it, but hey, baby steps are good!

Back in early November, I entered a contest on Facebook hosted by a blog called the Humbled Homemaker.  It was for a KerryGold gift pack.  I wanted the butter for my Christmas cookies, but alas, I just received it today.  I did have to send emails to remind them, and after they confirmed it, here are my goodies.

I received 7 types of cheese, two of each, and the expirations are good into the summer and fall of 2014.

I also received 4 sticks of regular Irish butter, two sticks of their garlic butter, two tubs of soft butter and two of light butter.  Popped them into the freezer.  Wonder if it will keep til next Christmas?  

Whenever I win anything, I always feel blessed.  I do not consider it luck.  I would rather believe that it is a gift from above, most likely my mother.

I also like to pay it forward, and wish I could give everyone a sample, but I will be giving some to friends and neighbors.  

I am just about ready for St. Patrick's Day with pure Irish butter and cheeses!   Thanks again to Diana Bauman of the Humbled Homemaker and KerryGold USA.  This was a wonderful giveaway.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding some good in something bad

I really hate wishing the winter away.  I realize that time is so precious, and to just wish it to pass is probably a sin.  So I have been trying to find some positive things about the season.

I concluded that winter provides the perfect excuse to not go someplace or do something.  So far the things I canceled I absolutely wanted to do.  But I can't take a risk of falling again, I do enough damage indoors, or getting into a fender bender, or worse.

It is also prime soup season, and I just adore soup.  I usually have about 16 pints in my freezer, but didn't get to make a nice big pot of turkey soup from the Thanksgiving dinner.  However, I am enjoying a quick warm and satisfying soup using broth (commercial is fine, as long as it is low sodium), pastina, a handful of fresh baby spinach and topping it with grated cheese and black pepper.  It is so yummy and it satisfies the soul.

I also decided that being in a spirit of gratitude was a much better place to be than the complaining one I have been wallowing in.  So I am so grateful that I am retired  and do not have to venture out.  I am grateful for a friend who always checks on me when she is running errands to see if I need anything.  I am grateful for my two neighbors, Tony and Gina, who take turns shoveling my walkway.  Homeowners doesn't let the shovelers do this.  In years past they would ring the bell and ask if we wanted it done for $10.  Now they come in the middle of the night.  

I realize the winter brings an abundance of blessings that come in various forms.

God provides.

Finally loaded the Blogger app.  This is very restrictive, more so that doing it the other way.  No preview, no publish button, I may be typing just for myself.  The app barely got 2 1/2 stars.....God provides but not for the iPad.  ;-)

Oh, publish button exists, no spell check though.  


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow blows

This is our winter to pay the dues for the past three years when we escaped most of winter's wrath!

We received another 9 inches of the white stuff and now we are in the deep freeze.  No chance of warm up in sight.  To say I am miserable is putting it mildly.  What is it again about winter that those of you who "love" it attracts you?  I just don't get it!

Things are moving along here, feeling better, toes healing.  They take a long time, according to the doctor, I had no idea exactly how long.  I need to go back in six weeks for an x-ray.  Walking is fine and so is driving, so I consider myself very blessed as the fall I took could have been a whole lot worse.  (Shudder!)

I find it hard to make plans this time of year, especially the way the weather is this year with the "polar vortex".  Then of course, we leave that behind in time for "El NiƱo".  Why can't weather just go back to the way it was?  No fancy names, no fancy excuses, no naming of storms.  It just adds to the obnoxiousness.  It is winter in the northern climates, that is all!

I saw the film August: Osage County this week.  Of course, exceptional acting by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.  The entire cast was excellent.  But a deep dark heavy drama that leaves you hanging at the end.  Hate movies like that.  Save your money, maybe catch it on Netflix.

I have lots of projects sitting around, clamoring for my attention.  I pretend not to see them.  I did more de-cluttering at the end of the year.  I need to concentrate on the bedrooms, and my store room.

Sometimes when the weather is beautiful, I find myself in the mood to go through papers and files and shred!   Now I am a prisoner in my own home and all I want to do is drive to New Jersey!  You would think I would pull out the wool I bought in the summer (yup) and crochet something, but no, I pace and go from one window to the next.  I need Tony Robbins to come here personally to motivate me.

Hope you are all doing great, staying warm if you are in a northern place.  I wish I had some gardening catalogs to thumb through.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Checking in

No year end wrap up, no most viewed post, not even a word for 2014!  No resolutions, other than to take each day as it comes, less planning equals less tension, less stress!

I have meant to do a post, but as I have mentioned, blogging without photos is like rambling......I guess I need the reinforcement of pictures to prove I did something.  Crazy but it is true.

I survived Christmas barely, came home sick as a dog from breathing in two days'  worth of second hand smoke.  Rude, inconsiderate in-laws of my friend hosting the two days.  I am very allergic to tobacco smoke.  Still have a terrible cough.

Winter is not playing nice at all, we are dug out of about 8 inches maybe more with drifting here, and the frigid temps are keeping me a prisoner even longer than I would like.  I hope to get out by Monday!

A sweet blogging friend sent me a delicious jar of  Christmas jam along with a microwave bag for potatoes.  I can't wait to try it with sweet potatoes.  It was such a nice surprise.  I will keep it anonymous.

I also won a beautiful 2014 Susan Branch calendar from a giveaway hosted by Nellie at the blog Berries and More.  Wish I could provide a link, but cut and paste only pops up when I don't need it, like when I am on Facebook!

I got to bake about five kinds of cookies, and just today tossed out the leftovers.  They held up pretty good but were definitely past their prime.  Tins are cleaned and ready to be put away until next year.
I also baked an eggnog pound cake which I found on Pinterest.  I liked it, and made four mini ones rather than one large one.  My friends seemed to enjoy it.

My toes are feeling so much better.  I really need to get to the podiatrist but between being sick and then the snow and frigid temps, well,  it is really a drag!  Can't wait for spring to arrive.

Hope this finds all of you well, warm, cozy, and enjoying your Christmas presents.  I still have two to give out!   Aye yay yay, but then again, I have two more to look forward to!

Thanks again to Linda Primmer (Life & Linda) for the new blog header!  I will keep this for a while, love it.

Happy, healthy 2014!

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