Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Not So Secret Garden

While enjoying a facial one day during the winter months, the aesthetician asked me if I had ever walked through Deep Cut Gardens in Holmdel, NJ.  I had not, but put it on my list of places to visit in the spring.  I finally made it there this past weekend.

Sorry for sideways photo.  This book was left on a bench I was sitting at and having lunch.  I was tempted to take it but didn't.

I said a little prayer for Mary.  There were many benches placed throughout and many of them had placques on them.  The park was donated by the Genovese family (they had a chain of drug stores) to the people of Monmouth County in NJ.

I must say the place was so beautiful and peaceful, people were walkng around and everyone would smile, nod and say hello.  Very, very zen!

I loved this tree and the way the sunlight filtered through it.  I took so many photos I could never get them all in one post.  I was actually lugging around my iPad, as it is the only way I can upload photos using the Blogger app.  App is really useless.  

Took a rest here.

Interesting path....saved me a bunch of steps and led to the parking lot!

I am already looking forward to going back in the fall!


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