Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Feeling blue

Berries, that is.  My supermarket had huge blueberries for sale a few weeks ago and I purchased three
baskets and froze them in 1-cup measures.

Sorry for this blurry photo.  The iPad camera takes many hissy fits.  

I bet you have all the ingredients in the house.  Maybe you might have strawberries instead, or peaches.

An easy recipe that makes 12 nice sized muffins.  Can't see them but I used muffin liners.  I did make them once before and I added some orange zest.  I was feeling a bit zesty that day, I guess.  (I also happened to have an orange.) They freeze beautifully.

This recipe is from my blogging friend Faye, who writes the Blessed Hearth blog.  Here is a link  Stop by some time, you will enjoy it.

Til next time!   xo

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